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  • much more than a meditation bench

    find true center

    the patented, portable, solution

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  • patented pedestal design promotes perfect posture, balance, and breathing

    "It's great- not only is it comfortable, but it makes it almost impossible not to sit up straight. Genius."

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  • portable sweet seat breaks down and reassembles in one swift, snappy magnetic motion

    simplysitting, simply revolutionary

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  • store it and go- the patented, lightweight meditation seat slips easily into a rugged, handmade 100% virgin merino wool felt sleeve

    "groundbreaking, I totally dig it!"

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  • portable meditation seat is smaller and lighter than a notebook, easily slips into your bag or backpack

    “I love the bag and how easy it is to carry everywhere."

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  • demystify meditation with simplysitting’s six page guide to effortless meditation

    “Uniquely beautiful!”

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  • ease into awareness

    find your peace of the woods

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